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21May 2024

This Tech Will Change Your Practice Sooner Than You Think

Medical innovations don't happen overnight — but in today's digital world, they happen pretty fast. Some are advancing faster than you think. We're not talking theory or hoped-for breakthroughs in the next decade. These technologies are already a reality for many doctors and expected to grow rapidly in the next 1-3 years.

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07May 2024

5 Best Practices for Mitigating Evolving Health Care Cyberattacks

To combat evolving and increasingly damaging cyberthreats, health care organizations must proactively operationalize key risk mitigation strategies aimed at effectively shoring up their cyber defenses.

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23Apr 2024

How Physicians Can Successfully Find a Financial Advisor

The right financial advisor can help physicians by explaining which accounts are the right fit or what insurance is appropriate. An advisor can answer questions like knowing how much to invest, which accounts are the right fit, what insurance is appropriate, and how to proceed before spending a sizeable amount of money.

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09Apr 2024

Why Providers Need to Consider Generational Differences in The Payment Process

As approaches to healthcare delivery continue to evolve, so do patient expectations for engagement from their providers and preferences for how to pay for medical care. Driving many of these changes is the rise of Generation Z, or those born between 1997 and 2012, who account for 20% of the US and 25% of the global population, but only about 3.3% of healthcare spending, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). A primary reason for that lower level of spending is that, naturally, the younger generation is healthier than its older counterparts, but they can’t be overlooked. Younger patients expect healthcare service levels to be similar to what they receive from other industries.

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26Mar 2024

Evaluating a Return on Investment for Virtual Care

Various factors around ROI on virtual tech should be considered before implementation, such as billing revenue, increased efficiency, downstream revenue and improved outcomes, said experts at the HIMSS24 preconference Virtual Care Forum.

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12Mar 2024

Navigating Revenue Challenges

The ability to confidently calculate cash and forecast net revenue is essential to ensuring effective operations management and a healthy cash flow to ultimately deliver high-quality patient care. The evolution of industry technology equips organizations to successfully improve satisfaction among patients, employees, and stakeholders while delivering high-quality care.

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26Feb 2024

New Year Brings New Value-Based Care Opportunities

As we move into 2024, health care is experiencing unprecedented digital innovation and transformation. New technologies and capabilities are emerging to enable organizations – including payers, providers, and self-funded employers – to confidently take on risk in value-based care (VBC) programs. Advances in AI and other technologies offer hope for streamlining administrative tasks and providing better access to patient data.

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12Feb 2024

Are Clinical Trials Right For Your Practice? Assessing The Strategic Fit

Participating in clinical trials can vastly improve patient outcomes and accelerate your practice’s reputation and ability to attract top-tier talent. Once focused within larger healthcare institutions, clinical research sponsor interest is on the rise in private practices and community-based settings as studies face challenges with declining enrollment rates and the diversity of participants. This provides a unique opportunity for medical practices to engage and be a part of developing new interventions, positioning themselves as pioneers in their area of specialty.

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29Jan 2024

Practicing Evidence-Based Medicine in the Age of Misinformation

In our present age, there seems to be more misinformation available than actual medical data. Just doing an internet search on any number of topics can lead to scrolling through pages of false healthcare advice and pitches to buy cures for horrible diseases that the medical community apparently doesn’t know how to treat.

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15Jan 2024

Five Ways Scribes Helped a Primary Health Care Center Thrive

Most health care providers agree that electronic medical records (EMRs) have been a mixed blessing. The convenience of documenting, compiling, and sharing information electronically helps improve care. However, the demands of entering information during visits, and setting aside time for administrative work, take valuable time away from patients and family. It’s possible to get more, high-quality patient visits during the day with less charting at night.

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