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26Feb 2024

New Year Brings New Value-Based Care Opportunities

As we move into 2024, health care is experiencing unprecedented digital innovation and transformation. New technologies and capabilities are emerging to enable organizations – including payers, providers, and self-funded employers – to confidently take on risk in value-based care (VBC) programs. Advances in AI and other technologies offer hope for streamlining administrative tasks and providing better access to patient data.

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12Feb 2024

Are Clinical Trials Right For Your Practice? Assessing The Strategic Fit

Participating in clinical trials can vastly improve patient outcomes and accelerate your practice’s reputation and ability to attract top-tier talent. Once focused within larger healthcare institutions, clinical research sponsor interest is on the rise in private practices and community-based settings as studies face challenges with declining enrollment rates and the diversity of participants. This provides a unique opportunity for medical practices to engage and be a part of developing new interventions, positioning themselves as pioneers in their area of specialty.

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29Jan 2024

Practicing Evidence-Based Medicine in the Age of Misinformation

In our present age, there seems to be more misinformation available than actual medical data. Just doing an internet search on any number of topics can lead to scrolling through pages of false healthcare advice and pitches to buy cures for horrible diseases that the medical community apparently doesn’t know how to treat.

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15Jan 2024

Five Ways Scribes Helped a Primary Health Care Center Thrive

Most health care providers agree that electronic medical records (EMRs) have been a mixed blessing. The convenience of documenting, compiling, and sharing information electronically helps improve care. However, the demands of entering information during visits, and setting aside time for administrative work, take valuable time away from patients and family. It’s possible to get more, high-quality patient visits during the day with less charting at night.

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02Jan 2024

Why Physicians Need to Build Patient Trust to Obtain More Quality Digital Data

Healthcare providers need patient data to provide the best care; however, patients are increasingly wary of providing this data. A great way to begin building a trusting physician-patient relationship is assuring patients that physicians, like patients, desire to work in an effective and efficient environment with the goal of optimal patient wellness.

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18Dec 2023

Balancing Your Physician Inbox and Your Life: 4 Expert Tips

Most forms of communication in an outpatient clinic setting are sent straight to the physician’s EHR inbox. And as the physician’s workload grows, so does the volume of the EHR inbox. This creates a significant burden that is impossible to manage alone, causing physicians to spend extra time before or after clinic to complete “between visit” work responding to patient queries and managing clinical information in their inbox. The extra time spent in the EHR inbox can add as much as two hours to the physician workday, which plays a key role in doctors’ burnout. To solve this burden, health systems must find ways to tame the EHR inbox.

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04Dec 2023

The Impact of Inefficient Billing Processes

With the industry experiencing decreased reimbursements and rising costs, practices need to do all they can to avoid further downward pressure on revenue. Reducing the percentage of denials is an obvious place to begin. In today’s competitive market, it is vital that medical practices and physicians are prepared to increase their net collections and capture every dollar they can out of insurance claim submissions.

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27Nov 2023

How to Improve Communication Between Primary and Specialty Care

As more options become available for where and how patients receive care and treatment, it’s never been more important to have clear communication between primary and specialty care providers. Unfortunately, open, timely communication does not always happen due to busy schedules, overworked practice staff, and a lack of established communication protocols.

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13Nov 2023

How Physicians Can Engage in Social Media Use Without Inviting a Malpractice Suit

Social media impacts many people’s careers, and physicians are no exception. Many physicians find social media to be an excellent tool for educating patients on how to stay healthy. While this can certainly be a useful way to disseminate such information, maintaining the utmost professionalism on social media apps is essential for physicians. Should they veer into a more familiar tone, physicians run a significant malpractice-suit risk.

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30Oct 2023

What Physicians Need to Know About Consumer Wearable Health Technology

Recent years have seen an explosion in consumer wearable devices, and many provide health information to the person wearing the device such as heart rate and rhythm, particularly irregular rhythms such as atrial fibrillation. This article will discuss the current state of wearable devices, particularly those that provide data on heart rate and rhythm, and the implications for clinical practice.

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