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21Aug 2023

How Physicians Can Be Fairly Compensated for Time Spent Communicating Online With Patients

The use of online communication in physician-patient relationships has skyrocketed in recent years. With positive implications overall, it does require physicians to devote a larger amount of time responding to patients’ inquiries. Several healthcare systems have begun charging patients for the time that providers devote to online communication.

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07Aug 2023

Is Work-From-Home Right for Your Practice?

Medical practices have been forced to make many workplace adjustments to ensure operations ran smoothly and employees were safe and separated during the pandemic. Now some are discovering that employees are reluctant to come back to the office on a full-time basis. There’s never been a better time to shift the traditional practice paradigm to boost employee satisfaction, offer flexibility, and ultimately, attract and retain higher-skilled staff members.

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24Jul 2023

How Patients Are Using Telemedicine

: It’s been more than three years since the COVID-19 pandemic brought telemedicine into widespread use. But with the pandemic over, are Americans still using telemedicine, and if so, for what kinds of care? Review survey findings.

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10Jul 2023

Study: Telehealth Visits Lead to Fewer Follow-Up Visits Than Office Visits

An Epic Research study found that 16 out of 24 specialties had higher follow-up rates within 90 days of an initial office visit than a telehealth visit. This includes mental health, physical medicine and rehabilitation and pain medicine, which all had a more than 20% higher follow-up rate after an in-person office appointment than a telehealth appointment.

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19Jun 2023

AI-Powered Scribe Tool Enables More Patients, Less Burnout

A major issue with primary care, especially value-based care, is how much documentation burden there is for providers: It means hours of "pajama time" with the electronic health record after dinner, and hours of more charting at home on weekends. Dr. Kendell Cannon describes how her primary care practice sifted through the hype of artificial intelligence and found a scribe that does what it promises and enables more patients, less burnout.

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05Jun 2023

Making the Most of Value-Based Care

Physician practices have been encouraged to move from a fee-for-service payment model to one that rewards value – such as those that incentivize clinicians to provide preventive, proactive, and appropriate care that improves patient outcomes and experience and decreases unnecessary healthcare spending. Here are six strategies to help set your practice up for success when you move to Value-Based Care.

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15May 2023

How to Manage Your Online Reputation for Patients Choosing Their Care

Before deciding on a physician, clinic, dentist, or another health care provider, most people scour local search results for medical providers and read reviews. In fact, about 94% of patients today use online reviews to evaluate providers. Even for routine exams or elective procedures, patients seek the peace-of-mind in knowing that their bodies and overall health are in trusted, professional hands.

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08May 2023

The Value of Nurse Practitioners

The number of nurse practitioners (NPs) is on the rise as more physician practices look to these professionals to meet growing healthcare needs. While all practices and MD/NP teams are different, many of the services NPs provide are the same, such as helping with routine physical exams, conducting examinations, and performing musculoskeletal screening. All of this can be done without supervision from the doctors.

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01May 2023

Top Interview Questions for Hiring Physicians

The interview lies at the heart of the hiring process. This face-to-face encounter enables physicians and other staff to get to know a candidate in ways that go beyond a resume on a desk and letters of recommendation. Here are five questions that can help a practice ascertain if a physician candidate will indeed meet their criteria.

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24Apr 2023

Digital Care Platform Helps Doc Trim Costs, Increase Patients and Boost Revenue

Dr. Ahmed Siddiqi, an orthopedic surgeon at Orthopaedic Institute Brielle Orthopaedics in New Jersey, started implementing models of digital, remote and hybrid care in early 2020. Siddiqi's goal was to effectively move more elements of in-person care into the home, including virtual check-ins, education and physical therapy. With effective digital and remote care via remote therapeutic monitoring, he has been able to solve more substantial problems.

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