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05Dec 2022

3 Revenue Management KPIs People Don’t Talk About

Incorporating these 3 KPIs into your analysis will help you identify issues in a timely manner and improve collections and cash flow.

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28Nov 2022

Red-Flag Warning: When Is It Time to Leave a Toxic Healthcare Workplace?

Recognizing the signs of this kind of workplace is the first step toward developing strategies to make it more bearable and sustain long-term employment. Toxic workplaces are a far too common reality in medicine. It’s important to identify these situations based on the signs and take steps to alleviate the stress. Sometimes that may mean looking for new employment. There are, however, strategies that can be employed to possibly improve your work situation before you consider quitting and working elsewhere.

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21Nov 2022

4 Qualities of Compassionate Leaders Who Reduce Burnout, Turnover

Studies show making system changes that improve the environment physicians are working in are the real way to help reduce stress, improve an organization’s financial health, lower the turnover rate and bring back joy in medicine.

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14Nov 2022

Patient Satisfaction with Telemedicine About Equal to In-Person Visits

A study found patients were just as satisfied with telemedicine visits as in-person appointments. “It is important that health care organizations do not exclusively target telemedicine to their younger, more tech-savvy, patients,” the study said. To be successful with telemedicine, organizations should make scheduling telemedicine appointments at least as easy as scheduling in-person visits.

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07Nov 2022

When Getting Healthcare in the Home Makes Sense

Where home care can really shine is within value-based care arrangements. Finding out someone has hypertension early can lead to medication that reduces the likelihood of heart failure, and paying for an in-home checkup is well worth the expense for the overall savings it can confer to whoever has payment responsibility. 

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31Oct 2022

Temporary vs. Permanent: Is it Time to Restructure Physician Work?

While there is no silver bullet solution, we can agree that what’s really important is patients having access to quality, credentialed providers.

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24Oct 2022

Getting Men More Engaged in Their Healthcare

Men avoiding the doctor is nothing new. According to a 2019 online survey by Cleveland Clinic, among men 18 years or older, 82% said they try to live more healthfully for their friends and family—however, only 50% of those surveyed actually participate in preventative care.

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17Oct 2022

Technology Empowers Private Practices to Sustain Their Role in the Healthcare Ecosystem

The consumerization of healthcare is a broad shift from the healthcare market to individual healthcare consumers, meaning individuals are asserting more influence over their medical and wellness care. Healthcare consumers want a convenient and digitally-enabled experience from the time they submit an inquiry to the treatment and subsequent follow-ups.

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10Oct 2022

Improve Your Telehealth System

Telemedicine is here to stay and many physicians are wisely investing in better platforms in an effort to take their telehealth care to the next level.

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03Oct 2022

How Physicians can Save Money Amid Rising Interest Rates

Healthcare providers know that no two cases of the same disease are alike. They may share some similarities, but the human immune response hinges on an innumerable amount of variables. The economy is similar.

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