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26Sep 2022

3 Growth Strategies for Healthcare Providers in 2022

The healthcare sector has always been one of constant change, regularly experiencing technological, policy, and practice transformation. But the level of uncertainty and complexity since the pandemic hit has put understanding how the business of healthcare has changed on life support.

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12Sep 2022

Marketing Tips for your Medical Practice

Marketing a practice wasn’t likely part of your medical education but being able to market yourself is an important part of running any business. Beyond traditional advertising there are other ways you can market your practice and connect with your patients, potential patients, and colleagues.

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05Sep 2022

How your Payment Process Impacts the Patient Experience

More and more providers have experienced diminished returns as patient payments languish due to outdated, ineffective communication methods which do not meet today’s patient expectations.

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29Aug 2022

How Physicians Can Achieve an Optimal Contract

Contract negotiations can be a source of stress for both new and veteran physicians. Although many physicians zero in on monetary compensation, it is not the only element to consider in optimizing the benefits of a contract.

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22Aug 2022

Treating Patients who are in Denial

In inpatient settings, the medicine or surgery teams often consult psychiatry when patient denial becomes a barrier to care. In an outpatient setting, patients in denial are more likely to miss appointments and experience poor clinical outcomes, as well as struggle with polypharmacy and repeat hospitalizations.

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15Aug 2022

Physician Documentation is a Different Problem than you Think it is

Ambient scribing solutions are technical marvels, but in the end, don’t address the root problem of physician documentation. The fundamental goal is to provide an easier way for physicians to take the mental model in their head and put it into the patient’s digital file.

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08Aug 2022

How do we end Healthcare Supply Shortages?

In June 2022, even basic necessities such as 10% dextrose injection, lidocaine hydrochloride topical jelly, and 0.9% sodium chloride irrigation made the list of drugs in short supply. How do we keep the US healthcare system supplied? The solution starts with building more resilient healthcare supply chains—no simple or quick task.

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01Aug 2022

The Best Tax Strategies for Your Business

Running a medical practice usually means high income. Of course, that also implies more significant tax obligations. The truth is, although your taxes may be quite high, medical practices have many legal tax-reduction strategies available to them. Learn about some of the ways you can approach your medical practice’s taxes going forward.

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25Jul 2022

Making the Most Out of Limited Staff Resources and Optimizing Bottom-line Performance with Effective Intelligence

Healthcare organizations face a significant challenge: unprecedented shortages of qualified billing staff and stiff competition on the recruitment front. Consequently, executives must not only achieve more with revenue cycle processes but must also have attractive systems in place that appeal to new hires and support staff retention for the long-term.

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18Jul 2022

How Remote Patient Monitoring Improves Care, Saves Money for Chronic Care

Half the population has at least one chronic disease. Care for these sick patients is costly. RPM has the potential to help.

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