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11Jul 2022

Excited About Investing in a Promising Early-stage Healthcare Company?

As a VC, if you start thinking about commercialization until after you’ve made the investment, then you’ll need a lot more than just good luck to make these investments generate a good return.

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05Jul 2022

Debt Elimination Strategies for Physicians

Many young physicians are straddled with non-mortgage debt. In total, 18% of newly minted doctors carry four types of non-mortgage debt: credit card, car loan, residency relocation, and “other.” On average, this debt adds up to $10,000, with $5,000 of it on credit cards.

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27Jun 2022

Best Ways Physicians can Build Wealth

The key to building wealth is patience. Following certain strategies can help you achieve your financial goals. These strategies are simple in principle, but require dedication.

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20Jun 2022

The State of the Healthcare Workforce is Both a Catalyst for Change and a Hindrance

While many leading health systems are working to hire and train aggressively, there will be a point when money will no longer matter and all the incentives in the world won’t be enough to attract or retain talent. That’s why most clinicians, IT leaders and administrators are dedicating more time, money, and effort in adopting technology and rearchitecting care models.

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13Jun 2022

The Benefits of Higher Protein Intake During Caloric Restriction

Although previous studies have reported on the effects of higher protein intake on health outcomes during weight loss, little is known about how diet quality changes due to different levels of protein intake when dieting for weight loss.

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06Jun 2022

Tips for Protecting the Confidentiality and Integrity of Patient Data

Cybersecurity is an emerging risk with which public issuers increasingly must contend. Investors want to know more about how issuers are managing those growing risks. A lot of issuers already provide cybersecurity disclosure to investors.

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30May 2022

Eliminate Busy Work from Your Practice

It’s hardly surprising that “too much paperwork and regulations” was the leading cause of burnout cited in the 2021 Medical Economics® Physician Burnout and Wellness Survey.But even if some administrative tasks are unavoidable in fee-for-service medicine, practice consultants and management experts say there is still much doctors can do to reduce their share of the paperwork load and free up more time for seeing patients.

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23May 2022

What the “Great Resignation” Means for Clinical Research

Staffing shortages can slow down trial timelines and negatively affect patients, who have less time with the physicians and nurses providing their care. But a few flexible, integrated systems that work for both clinical research sites and sponsors could help alleviate these issues and speed up research.

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16May 2022

How Digital Health is Reshaping Patient Care in 2022

It pays to take a cleareyed look at the powerful potential that existing and emerging digital technologies offer for improving the quality of patient care in 2022 and beyond. Here are five ways that digital health is reshaping the health care environment.

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09May 2022

How Physicians Can Gain Their Patients’ Trust

Physicians are charged with the tremendous responsibility of caring for patients. Within this dynamic, patients believe that physicians will act within the best interest of their health and will uphold patient privacy. The nature of this physician-patient relationship places patients in a vulnerable position, requiring them to place a great deal of trust in their doctors. According to a literature review published in the Journal of Healthcare Communications, patients expect their physicians to be compassionate, honest, empathetic, and dependable. These expectations require patient confidence and reliance.

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